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How to split BSV from bitcoin-qt wallet.dat?

Please help, I found an old wallet.dat file with some shitcoin BSV on it.
What's the best approach to split and convert it to BCH?
Thank you!
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Electrum doesnt reconigze my wallet.dat (from bitcoin QT) what to do?

Guys, i downloaded electrum on my laptop and tried to import my old wallet.dat from (bitcoin QT) 2017. But Electrum doesn't recognize the file. Anyone know how to solve this f*cking problem.
Perhaps any other suggestions ?
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Bitcoin Core 0.18.0 bitcoin-qt wallet.dat weak encryption

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How do you import a Bitcoin Core (QT)-made wallet.dat file into another wallet?

So I have a wallet.dat made a while ago and wanted to check what was in it, problem is it was made in the bitcoin core QT client, which I can't even load up because it occasionally freezes and usually won't even sync up, at an absurdly slow rate.
When I replace that wallet file into the default data directory, and start bitcoin-qt.exe with the -rescan command, it just starts but no addresses show up in my wallet file and i noticed the wallet.dat file size changes when the bitcoin core client starts up, seemingly modifying something to make it slightly bigger, don't know why.
How do I check this wallet.dat? I tried importing it into the latest electrum 3.2.3 wallet and it won't accept it.
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Bitcoin-qt is taking weeks to sync and Im not half way, is there a way to access an encrypted wallet.dat

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I sometimes open up my old wallet.dat in Bitcoin-Qt and watch the transactions come in live, so it feels like I have 3 BTC again.

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How do you import a Bitcoin Core (QT)-made wallet.dat file into another wallet? /r/Bitcoin

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Can someone point me to a walkthrough? I have an old bitcoin.qt wallet.dat and want to securely separate my coins after the fork. Thank you.

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Restore a bitcoin-qt original encrypted wallet.dat file?

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Mined some coins around 2012 on bitcoin-qt, how do I sync my wallet.dat?

As titled. I haven't kept up as life had consumed me, but the last couple months I had a new bitcoin-qt synced up.
My old app would not even sync properly, but still kept on my harddrive, already been backed up.
Any advice?
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I had backup a wallet.dat file from bitcoin-qt before formatting my PC. But now I wanna use electrum. How do I do the transfer?

I dont wanna install Bitcoin-QT again and download the whole blockchain.
Is there a simpler way where I download Electrum and transfer those BTC from wallet.dat to the electrum wallet?
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If I backup my wallet.dat can I reinstall bitcoin QT without losing BTC?

Trying to get a payment. Bitcoin QT stuck synchronizing. Last block data is from 302 days ago. Any tips welcome.
[UPDATE] WHAT I DID TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM, KIND OF, AKA, A WORKAROUND. Backstory: This was also my first bitcoin transaction ever. & I'm not even mildly a computer genius.
1 Backed up my wallet.dat to a file on my desktop so I didn't lose it. (I was fucking scared of losing it)
2 Uploaded wallet.dat to : --- (since this was my first transaction, it's not like I had a lot of coins in my wallet so I figured I'll upload it here, cash in what I will, and move the rest someplace more secure)
3 Made a coinbase account.
4 Linked it to bank account with instant verification. (pretty neat)
5 Copied generated on coinbase (they don't explain it but coinbase is also sort of a 'wallet')
6 Pasted that address into the field on the page for sending coins on the Blockchain Wallet Page. Hit send. HELD BREATH CUZ I SENT A BUNCH OF MONEY THROUGH SPACE. The computer made a weird noise, like a DOS-y sort of beep.
7 Refreshed my Coinbase wallet and TA-DAA, they were there!!!
8 Waited while the transaction was 'pending' for a little under hour. (This is normal) 9 Sent to bank account. =] =] =]
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(1) Is it true that encrypting an *existing* bitcoin-qt wallet.dat file will "invalidate" any existing backups? (2) Can I use unicode characters - eg ♥ - in the bitcoin-qt wallet passphrase?

I have an existing bitcoin-qt wallet.dat file which I want to encrypt - using the command in the bitcoin-qt Settings menu, involving creating a passphrase.
I have 2 (possibly somewhat related) questions:
(1) If you encrypt an existing wallet.dat file, will the backups of the old wallet.dat file still work?
(2) Can you include unicode characters - eg ♥ - in the passphrase used to encrypt a bitcoin-qt wallet.dat file?
Worst-case scenario: The answers to (1) and (2) are both "no" - and I attempt to encrypt an existing wallet using unicode, and my backups no longer work (due to a new pool of addresses somehow being created?) and the passphrase isn't what I think it is (due to the unicode characters somehow being misinterpreted?) - and then I could lose all my coins??
(1) The following (old, short) thread claims that after you encrypt an existing wallet, any previous backups of that wallet will no longer work:
Obviously, the the first response in that thread was slightly wrong, for saying that the "server" creates a new pool of 100 addresses to draw on. So using word "server" here was certainly incorrect - but maybe the gist of what they were saying might still be correct? (if you simply change "server" to "client").
I can actually understand that there might be reasons why encrypting a wallet.dat file could cause a new pool of 100 addresses to be generated.
But it does not make sense to me that this would make any older (unencrypted) backups instantly useless.
It seems to me that these older, unencrypted backups would still have their private keys intact, and could thus be used in certain (perhaps limited?) ways - such as:

(2) It seems that including a few unicode characters in the bitcoin-qt wallet passphrase would make it a lot stronger (since unicode is a much larger set of characters than ascii), so I would like to include a few.
But it would be more reassuring if it could be explicitly stated that this is indeed supported.

Possible catastrophic interaction between (1) and (2)?
If the answers to (1) and (2) were both "no" (ie, if you encrypt an existing bitcoin-qt wallet.dat file then any existing backups will not work, and unicode characters do not work in bitcoin-qt passphrases), then I'm worried there could be some kind of catastrophic interaction between (1) and (2) where I lose all my coins, as follows:
(1) I encrypt my existing wallet - making my old, unencrypted wallet.dat file now invalidated (due to something involving a new pool of addresses being generated?)
(2) I use a passphrase which includes unicode characters which bitcoin-qt appears to accept at the time of creation, but which doesn't work at the time of trying to decrypt the wallet.dat file (due to something going wring with how the supposed unicode characters are actually interpreted while being entered or copied-and-pasted?).
In this possible worst-case scenario, my old backups of wallet.dat no longer work, and my newly encrypted wallet.dat has some password which I'm not able to correctly enter anymore.
Sorry to be so paranoid about this!
Other remarks:
(a) I did do a (limited) test of unicode capability for bitcoin-qt wallet.dat passphrases: simply by creating a new (empty) wallet.dat file, and creating a passphrase for it involving unicode characters, and then attempting to change the passphrase (which requires entering the old passphrase that contained unicode characters).
This did seem to work ok: it let me re-enter the old passphrase (which included unicode characters) to create a new passphrase.
However, since this is an empty wallet (and since bitcoin-qt would ask for the passphrase only when attempting to actually spend from an encrypted wallet), I did not see a way to fully test whether the passphrase actually worked to decrypt a unicode-passphrase-encrypted wallet for the purpose of spending from it.
(I'm still downloading the rest of the blockchain and it's going to take at least another week on my slow connection, so don't see how I could send a small amount to the new wallet to test it either. My existing wallet.dat file was originally created on an internet-connected machine a long time ago, but it's been offline ever since, so in some sense it's kinda-sorta been in somewhat "cold" storage all this time, and I would prefer to avoid putting it online on a "hot" internet-connected machine until absolutely necessary.)
(b) Long-term, I am actually also in the process of setting up a proper cold storage system based on Armory, which I have installed on 2 Ubuntu machines (one offline and one online).
But I have a slow internet connection, and the backups of this old wallet.dat file have been sitting around unencrypted for ages (I've been relying simply on then being physically inaccessible).
Now some "things" are coming up over the next few days where I some better security right away, and it's probably going to take over a week for Armory/bitcoind to update my local copy of the blockchain.
So in the meantime, I also need some basic additional security right now - so encrypting the existing bitcoin-qt wallet.dat file using a strong passphrase (and making some new backups) seems like it could be a reasonable initial approach.
Thanks for any help!
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Can I encrypt my wallet.dat file with bitcoin QT AND a 3rd party encryption tool ?

Is it possible to double encrypt my wallet.dat file through bitcoin QT and a 3rd party encryption tool ?
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Cold Storage: Can I just backup my wallet.dat file n USB and then delete the Bitcoin Core/qt off my computer?

Or does deleting the Bitcoin Core cause issues later with importing, specifically if I downloaded it onto another computer?
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How to get the wallet.dat file and import it into the Bitcoin QT Client

Go to MonteCrypto Game, click properties, then go to local files. Follow this directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MonteCrypto\CryptoChallenge\Content\CryptoChallenge\Datamaps
I can confirm the wallet.dat file IS the one with the bitcoin. I imported it to my bitcoin qt client and the public key matches. Now I already found 4/24 so I'm feeling good, but I know for a fact you need all 24 words. Brute forcing with just 23 would take decades.
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wallet.dat files with Bitcoin-QT - can they be cut/paste/renamed copied like a normal file, and then put back into QT later?

Here's what I did:
Receive 2.2 BTC into default QT address. Read about how important to encrypt your wallet, then want to get at least 2BTC 'safe', leave .2 for shopping/tips etc Sync - shut down QT. Rename wallet.dat to wallet-old.dat Open QT, and it makes new wallet. Encrypt the wallet, add 4 public key - copy them to a doc. Sync - shut down QT. Rename the new wallet-> Savings.dat, and move to USB offline. Rename the old wallet back to wallet.dat. Send 0.5 BTC to each address in the new, offline wallet.
Is this ok? I have checked the new addresses at Blockchain for the 0.5's and they are there. But I just heard about change addresses, and got a bit spooked, especially about using the first wallet, which still has the smaller amount of BTC. Can I still receive here or do I need to make a new one?
Will I be able to send the 0.5's out from QT if I rename the new wallet back to wallet.dat at some point in the future? Is it safe to send more BTC into this offline wallet? Can i back it up to multiple places and be sure i can just replace one of these backups into QT, and send the 2BTC back out again - what will happen to all the OTHER backups if I do?
I did try to read about this but mostly saw stuff on paper wallets. I don't want to confuse the issue with paper wallets. Questions about those once I've tried it...
Many thanks
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Have an old bitcoin-qt syncd fully to the network, replaced wallet.dat and rescanned, nothing comes up. Its a 5 year old wallet how can I get it working with bitcoin core?

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What is your paranoia level working with an online bitcoin qt wallet.dat file?

I have a reset Windows 8.1 installation with only bitcoin qt installed.
I use my normal hard drive for online banking yet don't trust it with bitcoin.
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I sometimes open up my old wallet.dat in Bitcoin-Qt and watch the transactions come in live, so it feels like I have 3 BTC again. /r/Bitcoin

I sometimes open up my old wallet.dat in Bitcoin-Qt and watch the transactions come in live, so it feels like I have 3 BTC again. /Bitcoin submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

Mined some coins around 2012 on bitcoin-qt, how do I sync my wallet.dat? /r/Bitcoin

Mined some coins around 2012 on bitcoin-qt, how do I sync my wallet.dat? /Bitcoin submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

[uncensored-r/Bitcoin] Restore wallet.dat file without having to downloading QT client?

The following post by lettis is being replicated because the post has been silently greylisted.
The original post can be found(in censored form) at this link: Bitcoin/comments/7j8f08
The original post's content was as follows:
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6. bitcoin-qt Verschlüsselte wallet.dat mit hascat cracken - YouTube wallet.dat with 1 BTC Balance Bitcoin Wallet.dat with 2000 BTC Balance - YouTube Restore the Bitcoin Wallet- Bitcoin Hands On Course Lesson 3

Each wallet.dat file was synchronized in the Bitcoin-QT application and verified. We did screenshots and prepared description. Passwords for all wallets are forgotten or lost. Files will be sold multiple times. The file will be deleted from list when someone hits the jackpot and takes the bitcoins from the wallet. I had Bitcoin-Qt on my computer with several bitcoins in my wallet, using Vista. Then my computer crashed. Finally I was able to get my computer fixed and download a new version of Bitcoin-Qt. Now I would like to import my original wallet.dat from the old client which was encrypted into an new version of Bitcoin-Qt. How do I do that? Linux: clicking on bitcoin: links was broken if you were using a Gnome-based desktop. Fix a hang-at-shutdown bug that only affects users that compile their own version of Bitcoin against Boost versions 1.50-1.52. Other changes I had about $8 USD worth of bitcoin in a wallet, and I backed up the wallet.dat to my dropbox. According to the modified date of the file this was in April 2013, so it was probaby from bitcoin qt version 0.8.1, or maybe a little earlier. I basically left it there and haven't done anything with bitcoin since then. Since it is worth probably at ... The first wallet program called Bitcoin-Qt was released in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto as open source code. Bitcoin-Qt, also called "Satoshi client" is sometimes referred to as the reference client because it serves to define the Bitcoin protocol and acts as a standard for other implementations. As of version 0.9, Bitcoin-Qt has been renamed "Bitcoin Core" to more accurately describe its role in ...

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6. bitcoin-qt

How to run Bitcoin-qt as a server with a configuration file (3 of 6) ... Bitcoin Core Wallet Tutorial - Duration: 8:19. BitCanics 12,739 views. 8:19. Bitcoin JSON-RPC Tutorial 2 - VPS Setup ... Bitcoin-QT wallet review - Duration: 8:53. Secure Your Wallet 5,110 views. 8:53. This is what happens when you reply to spam email James Veitch - Duration: 9:49. TED Recommended for you. 9:49 ... Once you get the Bitcoin-qt software installed on your PC, you will then need to restore the wallet. To do that we will unzip our wallet.dat file, rename the wallet file installed with the new ... Old wallet.dat file with 1 BTC Balance. Passphrase is available.(Just Pm me on Telegram or Email me after success Payment) Telegram : Email : qod... Here is my wallet.dat file from Bitcoin-Qt client. Forgot the password so if you crack it 1BTC is yours. Price is 0.06 via Forgot the password so if you crack it 1BTC is yours ...