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[GUIDE] Create your own Raspberry Pi's Peercoin wallet and Full Active Node with Peerbox!

TL;DR: This guide is about building your personal Raspberry Pi's Peercoin wallet with Peerbox (http://peerbox.me/). The main purpose is to have a secure Peercoin wallet that can be used as a 24/7 running Full Active Node, which contributes to the Peercoin's network security (c.f. CoinDesk's related article: http://www.coindesk.com/bitcoin-nodes-need/). 10 PPC are also rewarded to users running a Full Active Node with their Raspberry Pi!
This guide assumes that you already have some basic knowledges with either Linux or MacOS X (the only operating systems that will be taken into consideration in this guide).
Before we start, what you need is:
1. Locate your SD card
Open a Terminal and type in the following command (choose your corresponding operating system):
fdisk -l # You can also use the mount command 
(MacOS X)
diskutil list 
You should see a list of devices that are plugged to your computer as below (MacOS X):
[...] /dev/disk13 #: TYPE NAME SIZE IDENTIFIER 0: FDisk_partition_scheme *7.9 GB disk13 1: DOS_FAT_32 MY_USB_DRIVE 7.9 GB disk13s1 
What matters here is the /dev/deviceID string which corresponds to your plugged in SD card. In the example above with MacOS X it's "/dev/disk13". Do not pick any of the disk13s* for your device name, as they are for identifying the partitions of your device.
For Linux we will choose as an example "/dev/sdb" but you can also face /dev/sda for example. Note that for Linux you should not pick the numbered device names as they are for identifying each partition, i.e. /dev/sdb1, /dev/sdb2, etc. are the partitions of your "/dev/sdb" device.
An easy way to locate your SD card is to look for the SIZE field which should match your SD card's size (in my case I have a 8 GB SD card). You can also plug and unplug your SD card to check which /dev/deviceID string appears/disappears.
2. Download and verify the Peerbox image
If you haven't downloaded the LATEST peerbox image yet, you can download it from this address: http://www.peerbox.me/ (Peerbox 0.24.1 has been downloaded for this guide)
Check that the image is valid. If it is not, STOP NOW and download it again:
shasum -a 256 peerbox-raspi-v0.24.1.img.gz 4165e4b6895c872c9bc7b988d70fb5bb242cb236e45c96ce5accfae9c7b7eff6 peerbox-raspi-v0.24.1.img.gz 
If you have a different checksum than the one expected (c.f. Peerbox download page), STOP NOW!
Unzip the file:
gunzip -d peerbox-raspi-v0.24.1.img.gz 
Check that the file is present in your current directory:
ls -l peerbox-raspi-v0.24.1.img -rw-r----- 1 thireus staff 2002780160 Nov 26 21:07 peerbox-raspi-v0.24.1.img 
3. Copy the image on your SD card
Eject your SD card, which was in my case earlier identified as "/dev/disk13" for MacOS X and "/dev/sdb" for Linux:
sudo umount /dev/sdb? 
(MacOS X)
sudo diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk13 
Copy this image file on your SD card with the command:
sudo dd bs=8m if=peerbox-raspi-v0.24.1.img of=/dev/disk13 
This last operation will take a while to complete ~10-20min, just be very very patient until it finishes. If you interrupt this process you will have to start all over again.
Once the operation is completed, just eject the disk:
sudo eject /dev/sdb 
(MacOS X)
sudo diskutil eject /dev/disk13 
4. Ready to be used!
Insert the SD card in your Raspberry Pi's SD card slot. Plug your home's Ethernet network cable to your Raspberry Pi and power it on.
Once your Raspberry Pi started, you have two ways of accessing it: SSH or directly.
ssh [email protected]_RASPBERRYPI_IP password: peerbox.me 
If you can't access it via SSH, try to hard reboot your Raspberry Pi. If you still can't, you can always plug a keyboard and a monitor to your Raspberry Pi to access Peerbox directly.
Login: sunny Password: peerbox.me 
/!\ FOR YOUR SECURITY /!\, once logged in change the sunny user's password with the passwd command.
Check your peerbox info using the following command:
peerbox-info -a 
Your Peerbox's wallet is at this location (make sure to save it on an external encrypted storage using SCP or via this guide):
You can also directly interact with ppcoind:
ppcoind getinfo 
To retrieve the list of addresses for your Peerbox wallet use the following command:
ppcoind getaddressesbyaccount "" 
To generate a fresh new Peercoin address (and add it to the list) use the following command:
ppcoind getaccountaddress "" 
Well done, you know have a fully functional Peerbox! Enjoy!
5. Become a Full Active Node
If you want to contribute to the network, you need to be a Full Active Node (your home router's port# 9901 open, that will allow your Peercoin client to have more than 8 connections with the network). A Peercoin client running in Full Active Mode is a client that contributes to securing the Peercoin network.
Learn more about how to become a Full Active Node via this other Guide: http://www.reddit.com/peercoin/comments/2nh911/guide_how_to_become_a_peercoin_full_active_node/
List of useful links:
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Peercoin paper wallet advice

So I found a paper wallet for peercoin but i have no idea how to get money out of the paper wallet. im using the PPCoin Wallet but it doesnt seem to support cold storage. Anyone have any ideas?
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